Q:           Is the EAGLE mentor training program the same as the Tony Evans Church-Adopt-A-School training program?

A:            No.  EAGLE’s mentor training program is a customized training program that uses research-based strategies and information to equip mentors with the knowledge and tools they need to develop trusting relationships with at-risk children and adolescents.

Q:           Who created this training program?

A:            The EAGLE Foundation’s team of professionals and educators

Q:           Why is EAGLE designing their own training program instead of using a program that already exists?

A:            Most mentor training programs are designed to implement a specific mentoring strategy.  Because EAGLE is designed to strengthen the efforts of others through mutually-beneficial partnerships that connect assets and leverage resources, we believe the industry must be explored and the best practices extracted and customized to fit the unique needs of our partners and community. 

 Q:          Who is EAGLE currently working with?

A:            We are working with the 5th/6th grade boys and the 7th-10th grade boys and girls at the El Dorado Boys and Girls Club.

Q:           What is the goal of this partnership?

A: To create environments that enable us to Reach, Mentor, and Empower these young people to become the men and women God created them to be.

Q:           How will this program work?

A:            EAGLE mentors go in teams and individually to the EBGC each week and work with students in large groups, small groups, and one-on-one. EAGLE provides the plan and coordinates the schedule for mentors in collaboration with EBGC’s program leadership.

Q:           Where will EAGLE mentors meet with their mentees from the EBGC?

A:            At the EBGC youth and teen centers, and in the future at the EAGLE Learning Center (with parent/guardian permission).

 Q:           When will EAGLE mentors meet with their EBGC mentees?

A:            After school on days that work with everyone’s schedules. Days and times may fluctuate.

Q:           How much time is required?

A:            That will depend on the needs of the student mentee.  In general 1-2 hours each week.

Q:           How long is the mentoring commitment with this program?

A:            We run our mentoring sessions in blocks of 7-8 weeks with breaks in between. This makes the commitment doable for most people’s busy schedules without becoming overwhelming. Our hope is that the menter will stay with the mentee as long as the mentee desires the relationship. 

Q:           How is EAGLE’s Mentor training funded?

A:            Through a 2018 SHARE Foundation Violence Intervention Plan (VIP) grant