Changing Direction - Together

Our Story begins in December, 2011 when The EAGLE Foundation was founded and incorporated by Jennifer Wylie with the help of Tony Hoyle.  They formed a supporting board and began to meet as a committed team for the children in Union County, AR, knowing there was work to do but not knowing exactly what it was or how it should look.

What they did know was that The EAGLE Foundation would not exist to stand alone.  Its design and operational strategy would create a new future for this generation of young people by focusing on community strengths, connecting assets, and addressing problems at their core to prevent them and break their cycles.

The time since our inception has given us the opportunity to explore strategies of engagement and avenues for partnerships that can lead to a clear pathway for positive changes in Union County. Our current work is in cooperation with the El Dorado Boys and Girls Club and funded in part by SHARE Foundation.

We are excited about our work and grateful for your interest and support! Building strong children requires all of us.  Each of us at The Eagle Foundation is thankful to be doing our part alongside you.