EAGLE MENTORS: Relationships that Matter

We are thankful and honored to partner with SHARE Foundation through a 2018 grant designed to develop and implement Training for High Impact Mentoring! 

Quality mentoring has been shown through research to be a powerful tool in shaping people personally, academically, and professionally.  It is a natural way for us to begin our programs and build healthy relations that penetrate the culture and affect positive, lasting change in this generation of children and teenagers.

EAGLE Mentors (our employees and volunteers) are equipped and trained with the knowledge they need to Empower, Affirm, Guard, Lift and Edify the children, adolescents, and families we serve using research-based strategies in formal and natural ways.  Every person on the EAGLE team is an EAGLE Mentor and works as a liaison in our partnerships.

why is mentoring important?

Children need stability through healthy, loving bonds and relationships.  They need sound, consistent instruction with modeling, encouragement with correction, and a safe “place” to navigate life’s circumstances, learn from mistakes, and grow.  Although home is the hub where parents serve as the natural, most effective mentors a child can have, children need 5 adults who are connected, committed and concerned about their wellbeing to become healthy adultsYet 1 out of 3 young people will grow up without even 1 healthy mentor.      


A supportive education program between EAGLE and like-minded entities (nonprofits and schools) that places our mentors with students who need and want them. EAGLE Mentors use a customized curriculum to build trusting relationships, grow confidence and character, increase academic and life skills, and unlock creativity. Programs run during school hours, after school and during summers and include large group classes, small group sessions, personal instruction, and camps.

EAGLE LEARNING CENTER Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Phonics, Study Skills

A quiet, safe and stimulating learning environment where our teaching mentors address specific needs related to learning differences, high risk factors, and academic gaps.  Our goal is to help students reach their learning potential and be well prepared for life after high school.

1. Evaluation:  Each student is tested to identify areas of academic strengths and weaknesses.

2. Personal Learning Plan:  A customized learning plan is developed to address areas of need using research-based methods.

3. Customized Instruction: Students are placed with trained educational mentors (tutors) and given individualized tutoring or placed in small learning groups to build academic skills and increase confidence and motivation.

4. Communication and Support:  We encourage students, families, and teachers (with permission) through open, honest communication regarding progress.