We are a diverse team of men and women who love our home in Union County, Arkansas, who share the same philosophy and principles of business and faith, and who value young lives. We are committed to protecting the future of each child and the long-term security and wellbeing of our community.

Governing Leadership:

Beth James Burns, Janet Caldwell, Keith Caldwell (Chairman, Executive Committee & Treasurer), Vincent Dawson, Kelly Halstead (Secretary), Tony Hoyle (Vice-president), JP Mobley, Greg Modica, Amanda Pitard, Rosa Tabe, Jennifer Wylie (President)

Operational Leadership:

Justin Geurin, (Director of United Education), Tony Hoyle (Chief Operating Officer), Jennifer Ramsey (Educational Examiner), Jennifer Wylie (Chief Executive Officer)

Adherence to core values combined with a willingness to challenge and change everything except for those core values is key. We must keep the clear distinction between what we stand and work for (which should never change) and how we do things (which should never stop changing). Great organizations have a clear purpose - a reason for being.
— Jim Collins, "Good to Great"